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>> chavez supporters turn out in caracas with the venezuelan national assembly discussing the president's health crisis. the government insists hugo chavez will continue to lead even if he's too ill to be sworn in next week. we'll have the very latest live from caracas. you're watching al-jazeera live from london. also coming up, foreign forces on guard as rebels in the central african republic paint another town. shots are fired as rioters confront police in northern ireland and making the desert grow, technology helping israeli
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farmers turn saltwater into harvest gold. thank you for joining us. venezuela has re-elected diosdado cabello. some opposition politicians say power should pass to cabello if chavez is too ill to take the oath of office. ministers remain adamant machavez will not be replaced. >> this is clear leadership by chavez who is so responsible, we've studied the worst-case scenarios. we have a president who has been elected from 2013 to 2019 and has been re-elected and that term will be fulfilled. >> the vice president insists
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the supreme court can swear in chavez at a later date. >> already on the 10th of january, the new constitutional period begins and he continues his functions and he can take the oath of office as stipulated in the constitution. >> let's go live to caracas and speak to our correspondent. there is now a re-elected leader of the national assembly but a lot of uncertainty over chavez's health. what else has happened there today? what have you seen? >> it's been very interesting to watch what's going on here as thousands of people have gathered here, all of them, hugo chavez supporters and all different groups that have benefited by hugo chavez's rule -- the poor, indigenous groups and students and those walking sessions taking place
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and cheering as each one of the members of congress and members of government is also in the session today, appearing, so they're clapping and cheering. it's interesting to see what happens each time a member of the opposition appears, they start screaming at him and telling him they will never be in power and as you said, diosdado cabello, a crucial man in the hugo chavez revolution, a former member of the military close to hugo chavez through tht his military life and has been elected as president of the national assembly and this is important because in a way he would be the man if something were to happen to hugo chavez who would take charge of the country and call for elections. there are rumors and divisions within the government, and now
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diosdado cabello says they're more united than ever and committed to continuing hugo chavez's revolution. >> no one knows what's happened to the man himself. we don't know what kind of cancer he has, how he is, we don't know whether he'll be able to take the oath of office next week. what is the government going to do next week if he can't? have they given any indication how they plan to handle the situation? >> that's a very big question that everybody here is asking themselves. nobody knows and the opposition has been very demanding about that. they want to know what type of cancer chavez has, where he's been operated and exactly what's going on and nobody is quite sure.
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the other thing that will also happen as you see all of these people are supporters of hugo chavez and want to express their belief chefs -- chavez will survive. the government -- also in the region, for example -- the senate to allow them to travel. >> thank you very much for persevering there, theresa, with vocal chavez supporters there in caracas. police in pakistan are still trying to find out the identity of a man who was killed for allegedly desecrating the quran. the victim was in police custody
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when angry villagers dragged him out of a cell, beat him to death and set his body on fire. the province where the incident happened, you may find some of the images in the report disturbing. >> this man was taken from a police station in the sindh province in pakistan, murdered for allegedly desecrating the quran. police officials describe that hundreds of villagers came to the police station, took out the man from behind these very bars, took him to the second floor, dropped his body to the floor and set his body alight. seven police officials have been suspended since the killing last month. they were unable to protect a man under his custody and did not have a name for him but they say the mob overpowered them after storming the police station. it is a tranquil village and
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people allowed the man to stay the night in the local mosque but say they woke up to burned pages of the quran and allegedly caught him while he was trying to burn more. >> he was burning the quran. he tried to run away but i caught him and gave him to the police. >> it was god's word. he burnt our quran. we were sad. how could such a thing take place in our village? >> it's duty of every muslim to respect and protect the quran. no one can stand by and witness the desecration. yes, he was burned but that does not repair the damage he did. although people say the attackers were just from this village, the outrage resulted in this frenzy. even young children took part. his body was so badly mutilated even the autopsy was inconclusive.
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there have been similar cases in other parts of pakistan and continued failure of authorities to bring people to justice has not helped. extreme and brutal punishment has alarmed human rights activists. >> this is not what religion teaches us. i think it is a complete breakdown of law and order in pakistan. civilian and law enforcement agencies of police and paramilitary agencies such as rangers and frontier constabulary, useless and imtent. >> the officer in charge of the village now says he'll try to persuade people to trust the system. >> we'll try to regain the people's confidence. we will perform our duties had so people have faith in the police. >> unless the killers are punished and drastic measures are taken to ensure mob attacks don't become the norm, killings like this will continue. >> police in india have denied
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accusations by the male friend of the delhi gang rape victim that officers didn't act fast enough to help her. as vigils continue to remember the 23-year-old woman, police are under pressure over allegations by the victim's friend who was also injured in the attack. he told local tv that police wasted time deciding which stition assign -- station to assign the case to. >> we didn't have our clothes on. we kept waiting for help, tweeving passersby on automobiles, cars and bikes. they would slow down, look at our naked bodies and drive away. no one, absolutely no one, came up to us. it was a good 25 minutes before someone stopped. a couple of police vehicles arrived at the scene but they wasted time debating about which police station's jurisdiction the case fell. >> very strong accusations there from a friend of the victims. we'll hear the response from the
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police chief. >> left the spot along with the victims at 10:39. this time was utilized in placing the victim in the van after organizing a bed sheet from a neighboring hotel to cover the victims. brought the victims to the hospital at 10:55 p.m. these findings have been recorded on the logs and the global positioning system. >> rebels in the central african republic have taken another town in the fight against the government. the coalition group is holding alindao in the south of the country. the rebels have taken several towns in the space of a month.
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andrew simmons has more from the capital, bangui. >> troops from neighboring states reinforcing this poverty stricken country's regular army. the numbers of this international force now exceed 1,000. with the military buildup come claims from humanitarian and diplomatic source that is foreign mercenaries are brought in by both sides. that, as the president was expressing optimism over peace talks, the u.n. children's agency, unicef, is accusing his militias and rebels of using child soldiers. this general is deputy general secretary of the regional grouping of 10 states brokering peace talks. i put the unicef claims to him. >> war is expensive. child soldiers are cheap especially when they're hungry.
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we have information that children have been used by one side or the other but we can't confirm it. there have been many violations of human rights. >> no one surprised to hear those words on the streets of the capital. peace talks next week may have stopped the rebel march towards the city for now but few are convinced that a lasting peace can be achieved. a presidential adviser told me that talk of the rebels taking the city should be regarded as utter fiction but many people here think that is political spin. there is still a mood of fear and this is a country with a history of can you coup d'etatsd peace has been unattainable for decades. >> we have to end this with the rebels once and for all. i don't like discussion. they came to destroy our country. how can we talk with people like
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that? >> all the parties must engage with the government. they must be sincere because we know that every time there's talks, no solutions follow. >> and he's right. this riverside city is sick of peace accords that fail and its people are tired of conflict that drowns any hope of raising their lives out of the destitution that comes from living in one of the poorest and most underdeveloped nations on earth. andrew simmons, al-jazeera. >> still lots more to come on the program including hospitals destroyed but the injured still need help. syrians turn to makeshift treatment rooms. and wildfires tear across southern australia, destroying homes and stranding many.
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>> welcome to look at world weather. we'll start in south america. we've had heavy rain across rio de janeiro the last 24 hours. forecast has rain across the region extending through brazil through parts of bolivia and peru. coming south wards, picking up rain through northern parts of argentina and uruguay but towards the south it's looking drier. highs of 32 in buenos aires and not looking bad in venezuela and colombia. looks like heavy rain around the gulf of mexico pushing towards mexico city and certainly for honduras, nicaragua, to the south, we could see heavy
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showers pushing in from time to time but panama and costa rica, a largely fair and dry picture. across north america, two areas of snow, one pushing in towards quebec and the other system along the pacific northwest, snow over the rockies and snow as far as sierra-nevada, chilly in san francisco with highs of 12. p.m. eastern, 6:00 p.m. paci,
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only on link tv. >> time for a reminder of the top stories here on al-jazeera. hugo chavez supporters turn out in force as caracas as the national assembly deflects the president's health crisis. police in pakistan trying to identify a man killed by an angry mob for allegedly desecrating the quran and rebels
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in central african province have taken another town in their fight against the government. to the conflict in syria and al-jazeera has several teams on the ground across the country. one of them is in hama where there is a severe shortage of medicine and doctors. our correspondent has more on what the team has seen. >> in syria, nowhere is safe. this woman was injured when government forces shelled a funeral procession in hamma. she was paying respects to some of those killed in an earlier attack. there are no more hospitals left here. they've either been bombed out by bashar al-assad's army or transformed into bases for rebel fighters. instead, the injured are brought
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to makeshift rooms set up in homes and basements but there are few doctors and little medicine. >> the most important thing we need is oxygen canisters. all the ones we have are empty. many of the patients need oxygen. in terms of sterilization and keeping things clean, we barely have enough which alcohol. >> you want medicine, here's the medicine, empty. how about this, empty. everything is empty. >> despite the severe shortages, doctors and activists try to find any way to treat the constant flow of victims. pieces of wood are used to help those with broken bones. bringing the injured to temporary hospitals in itself is a struggle. in this area of hama, there's only one ambulance and it's stripped of all its equipment and even it was in need of help.
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the rebels say they can't win this war unless they're supplied with more weapons but for thousands of syrians, their battle with death hinges on the supply of something much less controversial, medicine. al-jazeera. >> and we have heard from the syria state news agency that president bashar al-assad will make a statement on sunday, an address to the nation, that news from the syrian state news agency. a nepali army officer has appeared in court in london on torture charges. colonel kumar lama was arrested while on holiday in the u.k. on suspicion of torturing prisoners during neppal's maoist insurgency. nepal is furious about the arrest and has summoned the british ambassador. >> the arrest of a nepalese army officer in britain on charges of
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torture has heightened diplomatic tension between the countries and could expose the allegedly widespread use of torture during that country's 10-year civil war. colonel kumar lama is said to be currently employed by the united nations as a peacekeeper in sudan but he was on a visit here to the united kingdom when he was arrested on thursday by british police at an address in east sussex, charged under a british law that defines torture as a crime of universal jurisdiction which means the colonel can face trial here even though these alleged offenses have nothing specifically to do with the united kingdom. the colonel faces two charges of torture that allegedly took place in 2005 and the government of neppal is enraged. >> we demand that the act be corrected and the immediate release of the army officer. we have summoned the british
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ambassador here in katmandu here in the ministry and handed him a protest note expressing serious concern over the matter. >> human rights groups say it's time for the government in nepal to improve the rule of law and live up to the terms of reconciliation as part of the peace deal that ended the civil war. >> these violations cannot escape. we have been suffering from this problem of impunity in nepal, especially those crimes that took place during conflict. >> a u.n. report documented more than 9,000 cases of human rights violations by both government forces and maoist insurgents during the civil war that ended in 2006. a promise truth and reconciliation commission has not yet emerged nor has the law been changed to recognize
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torture as a crime. human rights watch says colonel kumar lama's arrest in britain sends out a warning to those accused of serious crimes that they cannot escape justice. >> a man's been arrested in northern ireland after shots were apparently fired at police. nine police officers were injured during overnight clashes inble fast and violence follows weeks of protest over a decision not fly the union flag all year round. >> for all the successes of northern ireland's peace process, sectarian anger simmers. in the latest upsurge over a month of violence, protestors and police clashed on the streets of belfast. the decision by the city's council to lower the union flag for much of the year has infuriated many loyalists who see it as an attack on their cultural link to the united kingdom.
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officers concerned they've been shot after the demonstration and one man has been arrested on charges of attempted murder. bricks and other things rain down on the streets. loyalist areas where economic deprivation and sectarian resentment mix with sometimes explosive results. >> in the protestant ghettos of belfast, the working class, things are bad in many of them -- high unemployment, a sense that politics are going against them, a sense that catholics are their rivals and catholics are doing rather well out of the new administration we've had going here for seven or eight years, a sense, really, that they're being left behind by the peace process and they haven't got a benefit from it. >> protestant politicians polite condemned the violence, mindful that it damages northern ireland's international reputation as it struggles to
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attract investments. this level of street unrest is a far cry from the deadly conflict in a paralyzed the region for decades but memories of that bloodshed are still fresh for many who live in the region and most would rather it stayed in the past. >> a member of an armed gang has been shot and critically injured during a jewelry store highest highest -- heist in sweden. the lunchtime shootout happened in a shopping mall south of stockholm. bystanders recorded the tense moments as four men tried to get away after holding up the store with assault rivals. rifles. one was hit in the head and left behind when the stolen getaway car raced from the scene. he's in hospital in critical condition and three others have been arrested. in the u.s., a gunman has killed three hostages in the same colorado town as the so-called batman killings last year. police stormed the gunman's
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aurora house after hours of failed negotiations. inside, they found the hostages dead as well as the gunman. it's unclear whether the officers shot the suspect or whether he killed himself. the leaders of sudan and south sudan have met in the ethiopian capital adas abba for a second day of crisis talks, discussing oil and border issues with african mediators. sudan and south sudan came close to war last year after the south became a separate state, both accusing the other of supporting rebels in their territories. at least 100 homes have been destroyed by wildfires on the australian island of tasmania. the mainland is also on high alert as bush fires sweep across the states of south australia and victoria. andrew thomas reports. >> forecasters have warned tasmania was about to endure its
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hottest temperatures in years and they produced the state's worst wildfires in almost half a century, carried on by hot wind, flames swept through the southeast of the island state destroying at least 100 homes. some escaped the fires spending hours up to their necks in water. in dunali, the worst affected town, the local school was among the buildings destroyed. once flames passed, destruction was clear. >> they've lost both their houses. my brother's lost his up there, millions of dollars. >> the worst of the fires hit the narrowest point of the peninsula, leaving thousands marooned. a flatilla of boats from the state capital was sent to rescue those cut off by flames. >> it was really hot and then the smoke came over thickly and it's full of debris and made me realize that it's very close.
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>> the night's relative cool brought little relief. the flames moved so fast, covering so much ground, that despite hundreds of firefighters, they couldn't be contained but for tasmania there is an end in sight. temperatures are expected to drop. the same can't be said elsewhere in australia where fires are raging in victoria and south australia where temperatures are forecast to remain high and extreme heat is heading for the most popular state of
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